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HIPAA 5010 Webinar Speakers Panel

On Monday, November 30th at 1pm ET Mike Arrigo, CEO of No World Borders, Inc. will be participating in a health care industry panel on health care, HIPAA 5010, electronic data standards and some specifics around implementing the EDI standard HIPAA 5010.   His talk will include An Introductory Overview of the HIPAA 5010 [...]

Weekly Health care Reform Developments at the Federal and State level

With Congress now recessed for the summer, much attention has shifted to the home front where many Senators and Representatives are conducting town hall meetings to gauge public opinion toward health care reform. It has been widely reported that tempers have sometimes flared at these events.Federal Senate Finance Committee continued its health reform negotiations last [...]

Business Process Management Helps Companies Work Smart and Fast

"Streamlining administrative processes while continuing to invest in patient care is not mutually exclusive. Business process management, or BPM, can provide a clear view of processes across all systems, including billing, accounting and other legacy systems.

Process Excellence – Cost Savings and ROI in Health Care

According to a new Association for Information and Image Management (“AIIM”) of Silver Spring, MD study, the enterprise is not taking maximum advantage of business process management concepts.Surprisingly, only 3% of companies felt that they had achieved "process excellence." AIIM Vice President and report co-author, Carl Frappaolo states: “This is disappointing ... Despite decades of [...]

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Integrated Healthcare Creates Efficiencies

Barak Obama’s administration is expected to spend $50 billion to modernize the health care system, focusing in part on upgrading information technology for EHR for electronic health record, and PHR for personal [electronic] health record. Business process engineering will be a critical component.  Before IT can change, a clear understanding of existing or as is [...]