Kaiser Health News quotes expert Michael Arrigo regarding medical coding medical billing and healthcare economics

No World Borders advises clients regarding disruptive regulations and disruptive technology in health care. We are a team of nationally recognized experts, physicians, published authors, regulatory, economic and policy advisors and health IT people who have worked in care delivery, health plans and for the U.S. Government. We have a growing expert witness practice because of our in-depth knowledge of regulatory and resulting economic issues.

Healthcare Y2K Problem
Healthcare Y2K Problem

Our company name springs from the idea that we support borderless health care and is inspired by Complexity Theory and Adaptive Systems in economics. Complex systems typically have fuzzy boundaries. The "borders" we speak of are the silos in the U.S. healthcare system. Therefore, we believe that disruptive regulations and global events in healthcare mean that in many cases, traditional ways of “getting our heads round the problem” are no longer appropriate. We provide an independent advisory service to help our clients improve their outcomes and find strategic advantages.

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We've been covered in The Wall Street Journal, and our founder's articles have been published in Healthcare IT News, Gov Health IT, Mobile Health News, Financial Health News, Healthcare Financial Management Associations Strategic Financial Planning Newsletter.

Our founder is published in the Healthcare Financial Management Association, the premier association for healthcare financial executives

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Keeping abreast of key healthcare regulatory, technology and economic trendsOur Qualifications

Our Qualifications

Our founder and other members of our team have worked in hospital systems having performed direct observation of front-line clinical staff, lead clinical record chart audits, and advised health plans. We  understand how care is delivered, documented and paid for -- not just about the administrative back office. Our Clinically Integrated Solutions facilitate coordination between the siloes to improve health care quality and value while complying with HIPAA Privacy and Security and Meaningful Use Personal Health Information safeguards.

Recent retention by the U.S. Department of Justice assisting in a $900 million False Claims Act investigation.

We've worked in health plans, helping set the strategy on medical policy plan design, EDI, insurance exchanges, claims first pass rate, ICD-10, HIPAA 5010, out of network claims and more.

We've worked in investment firms, performing diligence on large-scale investments in life science and health IT totaling over $4.5 billion in enterprise value.

We've worked in pharmaceutical and medical device firms, helping them with regulatory and strategic issues.

We deal directly with legal teams, having served as experts on landmark health IT cases in Federal court. Our team includes former Federal employees who helped set the mandates for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), Office of the National Coordinator for Interoperability (ONC) reporting to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Our team are established experts in value based care for Accountable Care Organizations and Medicare Advantage health plans.

And, we deal every week with regulatory compliance teams.

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