Why did the AMA vote to try to skip ICD-10 and move to ICD-11?

Delaying ICD-10, AMA believes will help preserve its relevance, and its control over physician compensation. Sadly it seems that AMA hasn't served its own members well, or the healthcare industry. ICD-11 won't "arrive" in a year or two. Our health system needs to digest it and then determine when and how to move to it. While ICD-11 has some intriguing benefits, it is a long way off. The base version from WHO is expected in May 2015. After that, the United States will probably need another two years for development of the US version. The earliest it would be available for study would be 2017, and we would need another 4 years to implement it – so that brings us out to 2021, way too far in the future.

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