Public Health Policy and Research

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The inspiration for our name springs from the idea that we want to help build a system of integrated, better-coordinated, ‘borderless’ health care. Today the health care delivery system creates siloes that do not efficiently work together to control cost and optimize services.

Our success stories with clients are the result of our superior service, unparalleled expertise, and process transparency.

Our capabilities that address the three core functions are as follows:

  • Public Health Assessment – Our team of Physicians, RNs, Masters in Public Health (MPH), former HIPAA and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) management,  case managers, analysts, analytics and social media experts understand not only the medical landscape, but who monitor trends.  We deliver up to date information via HIPAA Compliance Watch and related solutions. Knowlege can be streamed directoy to iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft Mobile, Microsoft SharePoint portals or web sites.   We blend new technology approaches with professionals who are familiar with clinical, dietary and behavioral issues of young and geriatric populations.
  • Public Health Assurance – In terms of linking resources to needs, our team has worked for Federal, DoD and other government entities managing grants and determining needs of populations.
  • Public Health Policy Development – We have local and national resources including Dieticians who specialize in treating populations such as children and diabetics. We help socialize preventative measures and our communications expertise in working with communities via traditional print media, public relations, advertising as well as social media help develop lasting change in populations.

We collaborate with clients to define a clear path, identify and remove roadblocks, focus on tangible results, and produce long-term value. We focus on how companies can maximize their organizational effectiveness. We help clients address organizational challenges, clarify desired outcomes, and leverage their most valuable asset, their people by helping to create a shared vision of success within teams.

Health Care Expertise

Our leadership team has over 200 years of collective experience in healthcare, serve in leadership roles with some of the most important national and state medical standards groups, HIE groups, and has touched on the work of or directly worked for over 200 providers and payers. Our references include some of the largest and best-known health care organizations in the U.S.

Medical Concepts, SNOMED & ICD

Our team has developed a nomenclature engine for the Hospital Information Systems. The clinical concepts vocabulary is structured as a directory in the first beta release of our vocabulary server project (

The nomenclature system (inspired by SNOMED) designed to provide operational cross-references between various medical nomenclature and classification systems.  It is also connected to the metadata dictionaries, thus providing an effective knowledge model for the system.  It was designed to support the requirements of a national health project, which mandated rigorous and standardized terminology.

The concepts provide decision support services, including defensible inferences based on efficient joins between clinical data and nomenclature subsumption structures.  It is set up to be regularly updateable by additional content from the various standards bodies.  Elaborate ICD-9, ICD-10, and SNOMED translations are defined, and ICD-10 is being developed for the October 1, 2014 2015 U.S. mandate.