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BPM, BPO, and BPR consulting
BPM, BPO, and BPR consulting

Health care has always been about change. Your ability to change quickly can mean competitive advantage. ICD-10, Meaningful Use, and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) represent perhaps the most disruptive changes in the history of healthcare. We help you focus on your core competancies and outsource ares where training and recruiting hard to find staff is essential. We help you focus on your core competancies. Enabling your business transformation to high performance. The most winning companies in the world have universal characteristics: a focus on core competencies, and a repeatable method for delivering excellence. For other companies, these mysterious qualities are highly valued. To achieve these goals in an environment with increased cost, regulation, and competition, many global organizations turn to Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) for more efficiency and profitability.

BPM – A Core Competency of our Firm
No World Borders Business Process Modeling (BPM) is a key enabler to optimize your value proposition to customers across multiple lines of business, technologies, geographies, products, or service offerings. Disruptive new health care regulations such as ICD-10, CORE Operating Rules, Meaningful Use, and other regulations require re-thinking how you do business. Business Transformation enables you to build a plan around what you do now and how you want to change it, whether via internal initiatives or Business Process Outsourcing. Our team helps you go beyond traditional modeling, enabling you to respond quickly to change, defining innovative solutions to transform your enterprise. With unprecedented depth and breadth, our team focuses on key concepts: Process Change and Innovation, Business and IT Alignment, Extending Intellectual Capital, and Best-Practices Measurement.

  • Business and IT Alignment – Business, technology, strategies, and resources must be aligned to achieve results. BPM can help your company focus on providing timely coordinated solutions. Underlying business architecture, enterprise architecture, and service-oriented architecture enable IT to better understand the strategy and operation of the business and integrate technology resources in support of business processes.
  • Best-Practices Measurement – We provide the metrics, methods, and frameworks to help you know that change management is helping to achieve business goals. These include Lean/Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, CMMI, ITIL, and other methods. Capability Maturity Model was developed by the Software Engineering Institute and specifically addressed software process maturity. ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library complements CMMI because it adds best practices for IT service management. Both contain concepts continuous improvement. However, CMM is a methodology, ITIL/ITSM is a framework (see process change, next, for the important people aspects).
  • Process Change and Innovation – Enabling the transition up the ladder of competency to CMM, ITIL or other measures fundamentally means working with people and helping them see a better way to work. We can help reduce the resistance to change with tools to help build trust in the organization before the BPM and Transformation process begins. Our firm has experience in designing projects so that people will embrace change by visually understanding benefits so that they become advocates. No World Borders can also help by providing a way to facilitate bridges between Organizational Development and Organizational Excellence. You can analyze the impact of change in compelling simulations, and design new processes and solutions in an open Kaizen style “what if” meeting that helps all stakeholders and team members be a part of the process. This yields better plans and by far, better execution. We use visual modeling, reporting, impact analysis, and sensitivity analysis of various ‘dimensions’ of an enterprise’s strategy, processes and systems to accomplish this.
  • Extending Intellectual Capital – Intellectual capital is the real wealth of organizations and this is the bottom line with BPM – managing people more effectively for Organizational Excellence. We enable you to communicate and distribute critical business knowledge including strategy, process and system models and documentation so that your most valuable asset – human capital – is being maximized for results.

Engagement Approach & Success with Clients

On average, the most commonly encountered problems, while implementing BPR seem to be rather basic and quite difficult to address in practice: implementation difficulties due to communication barriers between company sub-units, the unexpected size of the required BPR effort, its disruption to business operations, failure to get the expected benefits, making business mistakes under pressure to produce quick results, and reluctance of top managers to commit the funds necessary for the project. Given that most BPR projects benefit from innovative uses of information systems technology (Hammer, 1993), another organizational problem likely to condemn BPR projects to failure within a particular company is the lack of communication between CEO/top managers and CIO/IS managers.

No World Borders Business Process Modeling (BPM) team can help with process innovation, silo unification and value stream optimization. When your firm decides to do a review of existing processes, change a process, launch a new product or service, or outsource, No World Borders can use the quick results / facilitative and participative approach known in Kaizen (Lean Six Sigma) and other effective methodologies to quickly assess the immediate opportunities for cost savings or improved profit. We can get the silos in your organization talking using facilitation and graphical tools that illustrate existing (“as is”) and future (“to be”) processes.

Representative value chain optimization engagements we have performed include:

  • ICD-9 and ICD-10 dual coding, testing, and outsourced coding services
  • Work stream process development and optimized first pass rate for health care claims systems
  • Enterprise-wide BPR for an integrated financial institution
  • Value Chain optimization for leading apparel company
  • Regulatory Compliance Process – FDA, medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Regulatory Compliance Process & Audit Framework – Sarbanes Oxley
  • Software development & QA (SDLC) Process
  • Call centers Process
  • Mortgage lending Process (point of sale, underwriting,loan fulfillment, closing, investor delivery, loan pooling, due diligence)
  • Product Fulfillment Process
  • Claims adjudication
  • Loss mitigation – insurance & mortgage default
  • Loan pool analysis and hedge fund reporting
  • Sales lead management
  • Internet search marketing process including enterprise CRM integration