Enabling Borderless Health Care

During our year-end strategic planning session we broadened our company's footprint to more accurately describe what we do.  We explain the current market landscape and how we as well as our name fit into the health care business. "Today the health care delivery system creates siloes that do not efficiently work together to control cost [...]

Week of November 16, 2009 – Health Care Reform

Health Care reform updates for the week of November 16, 2009 including recent report from Hewitt on the favorable and unfavorable expected impact of the current proposed health care reform bill, Federal and State updates. Topics in this issue include State of New York removing insurers right to subrogate claims, electronic health record requirements in Utah, New Jersey state budget cuts, Illinois legislation regarding pre-existing conditions, and Michigan's review of Blue Care Network's proposal to buy Physicians Health Plan. Oklahoma voices concerns about local job loss in its state if Federal legislation passes.

AIG chief threatening to step down (and, Our Comments on Transparency)

No World Borders editorial comment: We should remember what got us to the point of having Wall Street executives being micromanged - a lack of financial transparency required the ARRA and the TARP.  And when the government ended up with the majority ownership in AIG it became the shareholder to which the board and CEO [...]

MBS Transparency: Devil in the Detail of Free Writing Prospectus & XBRL

Finding the Devil in the Detail of Financial Statements It has often been said that "the devil is in the detail."  Somewhere, buried among all the data in mortgage backed securities (MBS) lie the devils that destroyed the American economy.  Every issuer of MBS which are really pools of residential or commercial loans packaged together and sold [...]

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