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ICD10 – Companies To Gain From Health Care’s ‘Y2K’ Problem

"Some venture-backed companies that serve hospitals and health insurers are getting a boost from what analysts call the “Y2K” of health care. [ ICD10 ]

Final details of the health care reform bill are being hammered out

Final details of the health care reform bill are being hammered out. The plan appears to be that the Senate plan would provide affordability of insurance provisions for middle income. The House bill would make health care affordable for lower income families. The President has stated he does not want the cost to go over approximately $900 million. The House bill would be more expensive.

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HIPAA 5010 Webinar Speakers Panel

On Monday, November 30th at 1pm ET Mike Arrigo, CEO of No World Borders, Inc. will be participating in a health care industry panel on health care, HIPAA 5010, electronic data standards and some specifics around implementing the EDI standard HIPAA 5010.   His talk will include An Introductory Overview of the HIPAA 5010 [...]

Week of November 16, 2009 – Health Care Reform

Health Care reform updates for the week of November 16, 2009 including recent report from Hewitt on the favorable and unfavorable expected impact of the current proposed health care reform bill, Federal and State updates. Topics in this issue include State of New York removing insurers right to subrogate claims, electronic health record requirements in Utah, New Jersey state budget cuts, Illinois legislation regarding pre-existing conditions, and Michigan's review of Blue Care Network's proposal to buy Physicians Health Plan. Oklahoma voices concerns about local job loss in its state if Federal legislation passes.

No World Borders Uses Twitter for Live Updates from Two Leading Health Care Conferences

Newport Beach, CA and Palm Springs, CA - November 10, 2009 - No World Borders today announced that it will be providing live updates online from the floor of both the Octane Medical Device Forum in Newport Beach, CA and at the Healthcare IT Summit in Palm Springs.  The conferences this year will focus on [...]

Business Process Management Helps Companies Work Smart and Fast

"Streamlining administrative processes while continuing to invest in patient care is not mutually exclusive. Business process management, or BPM, can provide a clear view of processes across all systems, including billing, accounting and other legacy systems.