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Will Healthcare Go the Way of Farming in the U.S.?

a focus on income support has remained constant. We can assume that based on recent U.S. policy certain incentives and regulations will continue in healthcare and that the general effect will be to encourage scale and specialization. The main difference between healthcare and agriculture is that interoperability is essential for the former and will create cooperatives focused on data sharing just as in agriculture smaller providers have historically joined forces to achieve economies of scale and reduce redundant processes.

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Enabling Borderless Health Care

During our year-end strategic planning session we broadened our company's footprint to more accurately describe what we do.  We explain the current market landscape and how we as well as our name fit into the health care business. "Today the health care delivery system creates siloes that do not efficiently work together to control cost [...]

Health Care Reform Updates at the Federal and State Level

Federal Health insurance firms organized  meetings with the Federal government to discuss the pending HHS program to waive the annual limit requirements under PPACA for certain qualifying plans. Without such a waiver, limited benefit plans will be discontinued beginning on September 23, 2010. States CALIFORNIA: The California Department of Insurance (CDI) announced an e-mail notification [...]

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ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010 and Health Care Reform

No World Borders believes that the clock is ticking on important implementation deadlines for electronic health care and claims compliance dates, and these changes only delay that process. Many health care companies are still asking “What is HIPAA 5010” when they should be asking “how fast can we implement HIPAA 5010.” The new EDI standard enables improved data and provides the foundation for the ICD-10 medical coding standard. These two initiatives have important implementation milestones. See for more information on our home page.

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No World Borders to Present at Atlanta ICD-10 Conference

Atlanta conference February 18th will cover both the data interchange standard HIPAA X12 5010 and the companion medical claims coding standard ICD-10. Over 20 industry experts from leading health consulting and technology solutions firms will be participating.

Final details of the health care reform bill are being hammered out

Final details of the health care reform bill are being hammered out. The plan appears to be that the Senate plan would provide affordability of insurance provisions for middle income. The House bill would make health care affordable for lower income families. The President has stated he does not want the cost to go over approximately $900 million. The House bill would be more expensive.

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Week of November 16, 2009 – Health Care Reform

Health Care reform updates for the week of November 16, 2009 including recent report from Hewitt on the favorable and unfavorable expected impact of the current proposed health care reform bill, Federal and State updates. Topics in this issue include State of New York removing insurers right to subrogate claims, electronic health record requirements in Utah, New Jersey state budget cuts, Illinois legislation regarding pre-existing conditions, and Michigan's review of Blue Care Network's proposal to buy Physicians Health Plan. Oklahoma voices concerns about local job loss in its state if Federal legislation passes.