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Drug Pricing Expert and Classification Systems

Drug Pricing ExpertA drug pricing expert witness understands pricing trends and drug classification systems and how these impact the overall cost of health care.   Our team has over 35 years of executive experience in drug pricing expertise pharmaceutical supply chain management management and pharmaceutical pricing. To understand drug pricing in the product supply chain [...]

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Expert witness for Medical Billing Coding

Medical Billing Coding Michael Arrigo expert witness in Federal State and Civil Courts on Fraud, Affordable Care Act, HIPAA, Healthcare costs in malpractice and personal injury, drug pricing, False Claims Act cases involving Medicare Advantage and Electronic Health Records.  Click here to contact. Medical billing coding work requires rendering opinions on the Usual Customary and [...]

Drug Pricing Legislation and Inefficient Markets Theory

The inefficient markets theory is being reconsidered after the 2007 financial crisis in the U.S. Is it enough to provide the public with data on the cost of a service or alternative ways to purchase it? In healthcare the intersection of price, quality and sources of suppliers alone does not determine whether pricing is appropriate.