Successful companies prepare for the move to XBRL compliance

As global accounting standards have started to converge, businesses are increasingly being required to understand and adopt XBRL as an enabling technology in enterprise wide disclosure initiatives being mandated by global financial governing bodies, such as the SEC’s Final Rule in the US and HMRC in the UK. Executing any company IT strategy requires knowledge, foresight and careful planning and XBRL is no exception.

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Satyam Outsourcing Fraud Rocks India, Lessons Learned

B. Ramalinga Raju, founder and chairman of Satyam Computer Services Ltd. -- "satyam" means truth in Sanskrit -- said in a letter of resignation that he overstated profits for the past several years, overstated the amount of debt owed to the company and understated its liabilities.The front page of today's Wall Street Journal online carries [...]

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