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Enabling Borderless Health Care

During our year-end strategic planning session we broadened our company's footprint to more accurately describe what we do.  We explain the current market landscape and how we as well as our name fit into the health care business. "Today the health care delivery system creates siloes that do not efficiently work together to control cost [...]

Process Owners & Social Productivity – Changing Corporate DNA

While these concepts can be applied to all industries (see Harvard Business Review Blog "Lessons from GE's Approach to Personal Productivity"), the daunting complexity of moving to new health care data interchange standards such as HIPAA 5010 and medical coding standard ICD-10 suggest the traditional process owner and new social productivity concepts could converge for [...]

Business Process Engineering for Health Care Payers

The Model for Improvement,* developed by Associates in Process Improvement, is a simple yet powerful tool for accelerating improvement. The model is not meant to replace change models that organizations may already be using, but rather to accelerate improvement. This model has been used very successfully by hundreds of health care organizations in many countries [...]

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What Impact on Your Business does this suggest: Higher Intelligence Associated with Delayed Gratification

Yale University research reports that Most people prefer to have their rewards immediately, rather than have to wait for them, but would what if the rewards of the future are greater than the rewards available now - would you be prepared to wait? What if you were offered £20 now, or you could wait and [...]

The Role of the CIO in Transforming Business & Enabling Growth

The ability to redefine business can come in large part today from understanding technology and how it can be an enabler of transformation. The smartest companies realize that a strong CIO can take customer and transaction data and help turn it into knowledge that enables businesses to better understand their markets. When needed, information assets [...]

REI sells a new model for the future of retail

"Retail is moving toward capital-E environments," explains REI President and CEO Wally Smith. "For some people, that means Entertainment. For us, it means Education." This educational mission is behind almost every feature in the store: One of the basic filters that we ran each of our ideas through was, Does it teach customers something?The REI [...]

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