Twittering in Politics, Building Constituencies Online with Texting & Social Networks

Big companies are good at innovating within silos, but woefully bad at combining creative energies across divisions to build new businesses. As securities analyst Jessica Cohen once asked, "How is it possible that Time Warner owned both Warner Music and AOL and didn’t create something like iTunes?"We couldn't agree more. However, here is an example [...]

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McCain Links Up to Potential Voters on LinkedIn

Senator John McCain debuted with a question on LinkedIn this morning, with over 500 connections in his profile – something that takes less well-known people months or even years to accomplish unless they make LinkedIn a hobby.   The question, "What is the Biggest Challenge America Faces? received 70 answers in 9 hours. Althought less [...]

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Obama – $1 Million Minute on the Web

AnObamaMinute.com calls for pledgers to register a donation within 60 seconds, at 1pm on Apr. 21. Could the site be interpreted as just another stunt in an environment where $1 million isn’t what it used to be? There is certainly an element of theater, admits one member of Obama’s national finance committee who’s familiar with [...]

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