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Be an Arsonist and a Fire Fighter – by Paul Sloane

Innovative leaders are comfortable with ambiguity. They know that there are many ways forward. They are evangelical about the vision but agnostic about how to achieve it. They have a clear strategy but are quite prepared to change tactics. They recognise the need for different leadership styles at different times. When it comes to innovative [...]

Ten Tips for the Innovative Leader

I recently read and enjoyed Paul Sloane’s latest book, The Innovative Leader. Here are a list of just some of the gems from this book. It's available at (click the title of the link above and go directly to the page on the Amazon web site). 1. Have a vision for changeYou cannot expect [...]

Paul Sloane on Innovation

Paul Sloane speaks about innovation. Paul is an advisor to our firm and founder of Destination-Innovation a consultancy that helps organizations improve innovation. His workshops provide practical techniques to improve leadership and innovation. Clients include American Express, British Telecom, Cendant, Lloyds of London, Motorola, Shell and 3M. health care process improvement, electronic health record, electronic [...]

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