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Real-time location and mobile health solutions gain traction, show ROI

Our CEO Michael Arrigo wrote an article on an important emerging area in healthcare published in Government Health IT. Our firm provides advisory services in real-time and mHealth solutions.  We help provide actionable information at the point of care. Here is an excerpt: According to a recent presentation at a Stanford Business forum, healthcare Real-Time [...]

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3G iPhone Pricing Plans – Apple Subsidies and Carrier Deals

Apple's stock is increasing on news of preliminary details for pricing plans. Speculation is that Apple may be receiving $300 to $500 per unit from carriers but this is still anyone's guess.Here is a video from the Wall Street Journal:health care process improvement, electronic health record, electronic medical record, management consulting, human and investment capital, [...]

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Impact of Google’s wireless strategy – cellphones with ads or easier access to applications?

Carriers traditionally have decided what applications most consumers see on their cellphones, setting rules and negotiating fees for software developers to gain access. Google has struggled at times in recent years to get its products -- including Google Maps, Gmail email and its search engine -- onto mobile phones in a way that's easy for [...]