Leadership – Another side of winning with USC Football Coach Pete Carroll

"It's all about how you think." Here is another side to a winning U.S. college football coach who likes to give back to others. He has overcome tremendous adversity to reach this achievements. Whether you are a USC fan or not, soccer fan from Europe or U.S. football fan we think you will enjoy this [...]

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What Impact on Your Business does this suggest: Higher Intelligence Associated with Delayed Gratification

Yale University research reports that Most people prefer to have their rewards immediately, rather than have to wait for them, but would what if the rewards of the future are greater than the rewards available now - would you be prepared to wait? What if you were offered £20 now, or you could wait and [...]

Be an Arsonist and a Fire Fighter – by Paul Sloane

Innovative leaders are comfortable with ambiguity. They know that there are many ways forward. They are evangelical about the vision but agnostic about how to achieve it. They have a clear strategy but are quite prepared to change tactics. They recognise the need for different leadership styles at different times. When it comes to innovative [...]

Ten Tips for the Innovative Leader

I recently read and enjoyed Paul Sloane’s latest book, The Innovative Leader. Here are a list of just some of the gems from this book. It's available at Amazon.com (click the title of the link above and go directly to the page on the Amazon web site). 1. Have a vision for changeYou cannot expect [...]