ICD-10 Implementation Consulting

/ICD-10 Implementation Consulting

ICD-10 Impacts Case Management and Case Management Reporting

When thinking about ICD-10 program governance, one of the key areas for both traditional Fee for Service (FFS) medicine and the transition to episodic (short-term) and longitudinal data for comparative effectiveness medicine in the Affordable Care Act is the Case Management process and supporting software and reports.

ICD-10 Implementation, Consulting, and Conversion

ICD-10 Implementation, Consulting, and Conversion programs have changed since the first projects started in 2009.  For providers, in 2013 and 2014 we forecast more ICD-10 implementation consulting programs focused on first understanding the ICD-9 claims history via an ICD-10 financial risk assessment including ICD-10 analytics and ICD-10 clinical documentation via a chart review.  The implementation consulting [...]

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