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Barack Obama’s address to the annual meeting of the American Medical Association

President Barack Obama’s address to the 158th annual meeting of the American Medical Association today attempted to assure doctors and their patients that his prescription for overhauling the health care system would be good for them. Obama cited the need for doctors to cut health care costs by reducing the number of unnecessary tests and [...]

Obama’s Health Care Town Hall

The President’s health care town hall, context and opening remarks: “fix what’s broken, build on what works” appears here: President just concluded a town hall at Southwest High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with a focus on one of the President’s top priorities for his entire presidency.Over the past two weeks, the President has [...]

Warren Buffett on Fannie, Freddie, the Economy & Politics

To learn how you can keep pace with the markets using innovation and creativity, click here.As the markets change, you need to respond to the changing needs of customers. Does your team innovate to take creativity from the meeting room to the marketplace? click care process improvement, electronic health record, electronic medical record, management [...]

Obama – $1 Million Minute on the Web calls for pledgers to register a donation within 60 seconds, at 1pm on Apr. 21. Could the site be interpreted as just another stunt in an environment where $1 million isn’t what it used to be? There is certainly an element of theater, admits one member of Obama’s national finance committee who’s familiar with [...]

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